Wiley - i'm only human

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"Cervical screening can be quite an uncomfortable experience, but I'm forever grateful that the test spotted my cancer early.

"Stuff's happened - there is no resentment. I don't know [if we'll talk again] but if there is a chance - I am not going to be the person that says, 'No'.

A bathroom bathed in white is one of the only spaces noticeably missing a statement shade. “Grounding the more colorful selections with organic materials, such as marble and oak, and a foundation of crips white walls, brought a sense of balance,” Stein says.

PETER DEMENOCAL (Columbia University, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory): The frontier of human evolution is really being brought to this razor-sharp edge.

Much of the existing academic research on Facebook has focused on identity presentation and privacy concerns (., Gross & Acquisti, 2005; Stutzman, 2006 ). Looking at the amount of information Facebook participants provide about themselves, the relatively open nature of the information, and the lack of privacy controls enacted by the users, Gross and Acquisti (2005) argue that users may be putting themselves at risk both offline (., stalking) and online (., identify theft). Other recent Facebook research examines student perceptions of instructor presence and self-disclosure ( Hewitt & Forte, 2006; Mazer, Murphy, & Simonds, 2007 ), temporal patterns of use ( Golder, Wilkinson, & Huberman, 2007 ), and the relationship between profile structure and friendship articulation ( Lampe, Ellison, & Steinfield, 2007 ).

With production from beat wunderkind Bangles , lyrics from Cashtastic and a chorus from the Bow J Blige, Tereza Delzz , "I'm Only Human" is a truly beautiful tune with a profound and moving message. Tie all that to an understated, lovingly lit and shot video in which ordinary people write their messages on to a a massive wall, and you have pure UK urban gold. Showing Wiley 's diversity, his need to say something rather than just spit any old shit, "I'm Only Human" is a fantastic way to round off single releases from Wiley 's latest album, the highly acclaimed Evolve Or Be Extinct .

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Wiley - I'm Only HumanWiley - I'm Only HumanWiley - I'm Only HumanWiley - I'm Only Human